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Sewage Treatment Plant Installation

HD Broers now offer Sewage Treatment Plant Installation.

We undertake the installation of a range of Sewage Treatment Systems that comply with IOM Building regulations and Environmental regulations

We undertake thorough site inspections to enable an assessment of the off-mains system suitable for you.

Types of Waste water treatment plants we offer include:

  • Pump Chambers (for pumping sewage and water to mains)
  • Sewage Treatment Plants (biological processing for off-mains wastewater)
  • Advanced Sewage Treatment Plants (for larger industrial, commercial and leisure site projects)
  • Grease traps, Tertiary filters
  • Septic Tanks (For basic treatment of off-mains water)
  • Cesspools (basic storage and disposal of off-mains water)

Please get in touch to arrange a site inspection and we can provide you with a detailed specification and quote.