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In an exciting development, Gyvlon have introduced a new product that we are pleased to be able to offer on the Island.

The guaranteed ultra-efficient screed for underfloor heating – taking performance to new levels

thermio+ technology

Using exclusive, patented Thermio+ technology, Gyvlon Thermio+ is the only screed with a guaranteed thermal performance, specifically designed to complement both water underfloor heating and cooling systems.

What does Thermio+ offer?

Thermio+ coupled with an underfloor heating or cooling system guarantees a pipe encapsulation and an emitter that will give:

under floor heating performance + Performance: The floor emits the heat in a more efficient and homogeneous way giving up to 30% increase of the thermal value coefficient for maximised performance of the underfloor heating system.
underfloor heating comfort + Comfort: A much faster rise in temperature up thanks to its high thermal diffusivity (up to +80% compared to a cement screed), providing quicker response to thermostat changes, greatly improving immediate and long-term comfort.
underfloor heating savings + Savings: The high efficiency of Thermio+ allows your boiler or heat pump to work with a better efficiency, and to make considerable savings on your heating bill (up to 8% saving).


To find out more about using Thermio+ in your build, you can view the Technical Data Sheet for Thermio+ here, and please contact HD Broers for more details.