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Why Gyvlon - by HD Broers

Gyvlon flowing floor screeds are based on a unique synthetic anhydrite binder rather than OPC Cement, giving them many unique benefits over cement screeds. The most obvious difference is their fluid application compared to semi dry cement screeds.

Gyvlon also offers

  • higher compressive and flexural strength
  • lower shrinkage
  • eliminates reinforcement
  • improved surface finish
  • greatly improved under floor heating performance

Gyvlon screeds achieve this by offering higher thermal conductivity and reducing cover to the heating pipes, greatly improving the heat performance and reaction times of the screed. This allows for a more reactive system requiring a smaller amount of energy input. The system temperature is easier to regulate due to its responsive nature allowing the building to achieve a constant temperature without the variability and thermal over shoot associated with thicker section sand cements and concretes.

Gyvlon Screed Heating Performance
Gyvlon Screed cooling performance

Information above generated using screed samples over heat plates for comparative testing. It is not representative of an UFH system due to input temperatures.

Gyvlon vs conventional sand cement

98 percent recycled materials in anhydrite binder For the many Environmental benefits of using Gyvlon, please refer to our Environmental page