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Internal doors

HD Broers offer a wide selection of interior doors at excellent prices. All doors can be ordered optionally including frame, handle and hinges. All ordered doors are manufactured to your exact requirements.


Interior doors with decorative film

Our decorative films feature a very lifelike appearance and high load capacity.

Choose from up to 15 decorative foils and other design possibilities. We supply the inner door with optional door frame, door hinges and door handle.

Contact us to select a model and then customize to your liking.

Interior doors made of glass

Glass doors bring more light into your rooms. All of our glass doors are made of tempered 8mm toughened safety glass (toughened).

Choose from 14 models of glass doors with different prints,15 wood coloured frames, levers and hinges.

Contact us to choose your desired design, shape and colour of the frame, and customize your glass door.


We supply doors in six different widths:  60, 70, 80, 90, 100 and 110 cm, and in two different heights. The depth of the frame can be customised to the required wall thickness. Please contact us with your requirements.